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Financial Inclusion with GetPayed

Payed Agency Banking offers you the opportunity to achieve financial growth and empower your community on your way to becoming a key player in the digital finance revolution.

Reasons to Choose
GetPayed Agency Banking

Expand Your Business Horizons

Break free from traditional banking limitations. With Payed, you can extend financial services to your community, providing convenient access to banking right at your fingertips.

Make Money At Your Own Pace

As a Payed Agent, you're not just facilitating transactions; you're creating a sustainable income stream. Enjoy attractive commissions and incentives for every transaction processed.

Empower Your Community

Bring financial services closer to home by helping your community access banking services without the hassle of long queues or distant branches. Drive financial inclusion and make a positive impact.

Seamless Technology

Our POS terminals and mobile application ensure smooth and secure transactions. Whether it's fund transfers, bill payments, or cash withdrawals, Payed offers a user-friendly platform for both you and your customers.

Empower Your Community, Boost Your Income,
and Be a Pioneer in the Digital Finance Revolution.

How it works:

Get Onboarded as an Agent

Joining Payed Agency Banking is simple. All you need to do is complete our easy registration process on the Payed mobile application and request a POS terminal.

Customer Registration

Attract customers to your agency and register them swiftly to start enjoying the convenience of digital financial transactions.

Transaction Processing

Conduct a variety of financial transactions seamlessly. From money transfers and bill payments to cash withdrawals, provide a range of services to your community.

Earn Commissions

Every transaction you process earns you a commission. The more transactions, the more you earn. It's a rewarding experience for you and your customers.